Jaw Surgery

Jaw or orthognathic surgery is a form of surgery used to align malpositioned jaw bones. It can be used to reposition the upper and lower jaw bones for a number of reasons:

  • The correction of jaw retrusion or protrusion
  • To correct excessive gum display on smiling (‘gummy smile’)
  • For the correction of asymmetry of the chin point
  • To improve chewing function where there is poor contact between the upper and lower teeth
  • To improve the contact between the lips
  • To improve the stability of orthodontic treatment
  • To help reduce a double chin due to lower jaw retrusion
  • To improve obstructive sleep apnoea and snoring problems

Orthodontics-footscray-straight-teethOrthognathic surgery is commonly undertaken in combination with orthodontic treatment.  A phase of orthodontic treatment is necessary before surgery in order to place the teeth into the correct position with respect to the individual jaw bones such that when the jaw position has been corrected the teeth meet normally.  This also helps to improve the stability of surgical results.  A short phase of orthodontic treatment is often necessary following surgery in order to fine tune the biting relationship.

At Sensational Smiles, we are highly skilled at performing this type of treatment. We work closely with a group of world class Oral and Maxillo-Facial surgeons in order to provide the highest quality of patient care with all you orthodontic needs.

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