Treatment: Child, Teen & Adults

We recommend that you bring your child to Sensational Smiles for an initial assessment around age 7 to evaluate their dental and facial development. At this age, we are able to detect and correct any irregularities early, in order to minimise or prevent any future orthodontic treatment for your child. Subsequently, we would usually advise regular 6 to 12 monthly review appointments to observe and monitor your child’s growth and development of their teeth, jaws and face.

The best way to care for your child’s developing teeth is with two-phase orthodontic treatment. Phase one begins while your child still has many of their baby teeth, with the aim of preventing a problem from developing, and guiding the growth of their jaw bones. With this treatment we can create a better setting for your child’s permanent teeth. Braces or other orthodontic devices may form part of this first treatment phase.

The second phase moves the teeth into their final positions, at around age 12 to 13, when all your child’s adult teeth have erupted. At this age, the full extent of crowding and potential bite problems will be evident, but thanks to early treatment, your child’s teeth will be well on the way to a beautiful smile.

As orthodontic treatment is often necessary during teenage years, Sensational Smiles provides smaller metal braces in all shades of cool colours for our teenage patients, removing the need for heavy, old-fashioned metal braces.

You may wish to choose inconspicuous orthodontic treatment with the use of clear braces which are virtually invisible.

After your teenager’s braces are removed, we will supply them with clear removable retainers to keep their teeth in their desired new alignment position.

If you have been reluctant to have orthodontic treatment because of the perceived social stigma, at Sensational Smiles we can use new technologies such as clear braces or Invisalign, to give you a beautiful, straighter new smile unobtrusively.

Orthodontics can help to treat a bite discrepancy, overcrowded teeth which make them difficult to clean, or simply an unattractive smile.
Dr Jacob Varughese can even correct problems that may have begun in childhood and were never addressed.

We can prescribe treatment ranging from a simple cosmetic solution to a highly complex treatment plan using several procedures. And naturally, we will be happy to discuss all treatment options which are available to give you the straighter, more beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Call us today and find out what your individual orthodontic treatment is by speaking to one of our Sensational Smiles team at either of our Footscray, Traralgon practices or call us on (03) 9318 1099.

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